Legal Technology and Practice Management Solutions

We cut through the sea of options and guide you to just the right legal tech and practice management solutions to fit your needs and your budget.

– Thomas A. Richard

To unlock their true potential and succeed, lawyers need to focus on their deep purpose and shed activities that are not in the service of that purpose.

– Michael S. Duncan


24/7 Access.


Peace of Mind.

Are these goals important to you? At Law Practice Innovations LLC, put your mind at ease. We specialize in the convergence of technology and the business of law, offering tailor-made solutions to enhance the efficiency and security of your operations, provide you with global access to your work and IT support around the clock, and boost your profitability.

We help you achieve the freedom to concentrate on your career objectives while simultaneously improving your overall quality of life.

We excel at simplifying and personalizing the most suitable legal technology and support services for you and your practice. With our guidance, you’ll experience increased clarity and reduced concerns about security and administrative hassles. Your workdays will flow smoothly, and your business will become more profitable.

Dreaming of Starting Your Own Practice?

Our approach empowers you to dedicate your energy to serving clients and expanding your business, while launching your practice. We are here to design and deliver:

  1. Cutting-edge AI and legal technology solutions that are precisely aligned with your practice’s unique needs.
  2. A comprehensive business and marketing plan that is not only well-crafted but also easy to comprehend and execute right from day one.
  3. Transparent and effective tools for law firm financial planning and auditing, ensuring the financial health and sustainability of your practice.

With our support, you can embark on your journey with confidence, knowing that you have the tools, strategies, and guidance needed to succeed in the legal world. 

Primary Areas of Focus

Curating the Best Legal Tech & Cybersecurity

Firm Management Solutions

Work Life Balance


Our Senior Advisors

Thomas A. Richard

Thomas A. Richard

In 2011, Tom co-founded a start-up law firm in Oakland, California. During his 10 years as Managing Partner, the firm grew to become a statewide leader in its field and was an early adopter of time-saving legal tech and hybrid work solutions. In 2019, Tom completed the Leadership in Law Firms program at Harvard University with other senior managing partners from around the world. He advises an executive committee on practice management and technology tools at the California Lawyers Association, focusing on the development, implementation, and ethical implications of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in the practice of law.

Michael S. Duncan

Michael S. Duncan

Michael helps lawyers improve workflows and bring balance to their lives. He received his Master of Sciences degree from the University of California and his bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas. He was a healthcare practitioner and treatment coordinator for several years before joining Law Practice Innovations. Today, Michael counsels clients on career goal-setting, wellness, ergonomics and time-management techniques.  He helps design optimal work environments and is passionate about bringing mindfulness, focus and creativity into his clients’ everyday lives.

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